Friday, February 24, 2012

Elephant and Piggy, true BFFs

Hi friends!  Guess what?  You get to hear from me (Robyn) three days in a row!  Whit's wifi is out up in her northwesterly home so... here I am.  One of the benefits of blogging as a team.  

Earlier this month I made it clear how I feel about Cat the Cat in this post.  Well, let me tell you; I get a kick out of Cat the Cat- those books make me giggle.  Just so you know, Elephant & Piggie books make me laugh out loud.  I can't express to Mo Willems enough HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE the fact that he created these books.  GENIUS!  Beginning readers that are actually FUN TO READ and FUNNY and I'm just soooooo thankful!

I imagine I'm singing to the choir here... but just in case you haven't yet had the pleasure, I'm including a few glimpes into the wonderful friendship that is Elephant & Piggie...

Such devotion to a friend, look at those embarassed cheeks!  (I'm so clumsy and such a clutz I think this could be me going red in the face.)

In all that rain Elephant isn't reacting to the down pour but to Piggie's tantrum... ha!  I love it!  Piggie has a larger than life personality.

Did you know Elephants can't dance?  But sweet Gerald sure did give it a try.


...and if you haven't read one yet, start with There Is a Bird On Your Head! .  That book... oh that book.
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