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Activity-palooza with The Alphabet Tree & Shout: Little Poems that Roar

Hi everyone!  You know how we love mail right?  I mean, IT'S IN the name our blog. So, when we heard about a chance for a little book love via the US mail we jumped right on board.

 Here's the deal. It was a fun little exchange called Love Books (see the cute button below) and it was set up by The Educator's Spin On It.  We each sent a book and activity package to another blogger and waited patiently for something similar to arrive at our houses.  Today, we're gonna tell you all about what we got!
The Educators' Spin On It
Whitney here, I'm sharing first!  We received a big fat envelope in the mail from Anne at Little Sprout Books.  First off, my kids love getting packages, plus they knew something was coming for them soon because we had just gotten our stuff ready to send.  So, when they saw the envelope they were like. "Mom, give it to me!  Let me rip it open!" After the ravenous package monsters were appeased, this is what we found:
Can I just say, I really ADORE these little stamps!  They are so fun and cute and she sent that mini stamp pad, just the perfect size for these baby stamps. 
In the interest of the little stamp pad lasting more than one minute in the hands of the ravenous package monsters (who are also ravenous project monsters) we used the good old jumbo stamp pads, which were introduced to us by the lovely Robyn in this post

(I'll save the little tiny one for something more demur, like monogramming my next letter to Robyn.  And look, there's even and ampersand stamp!  You know I'm loving that one!!)
So after reading The Alphabet Tree, we made our own alphabet trees.  Images and directions below-- but first a quick side note which I foolishly didn't even realize (thanks to my sister-in-law for pointing it out).  This would be the perfect activity for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom too!   

1- I cut leaves from construction paper and then they stamped away.  (One letter per leaf.)
2- The kids used strips of brown paper to make the tree's trunk and branches and then they glued on all the letter leaves.
3- They stuck and glued and stuck and glued using puff balls and pipe cleaners & stickers to make little caterpillars to sit in the trees. (Or, just a big pile of eyeballs to sit near the tree-- whatever floated their little boats.)

Super cute right? I think they turned out adorable!! Anne, we had a ton of fun with this! Thank you! Plus my toddler is all about stamping (as seen here) so we are sure to have continued fun until these little stamps can stamp no more!  Oh the smeary, printy fun!  I love it!

Hmmm, I wonder what Robyn got...

Hi!  Now it's Robyn's turn (that's me).  Our Love Books package came from lovely Amanda over at The Educators Spin on It... and let me tell you, she spoiled us BIG TIME.  I think I shall count the ways in which we were spoiled...
#1 a wonderful and fantastic new book Shout!: Little Poems that Roar
#2 Finger Paint!!!
#3 Number beads counting game
#4 Books + Stickers
#5 dinosaur stamps
#6 adorable felt FINGER PUPPETS 
 And here's the best part of all... each of the items she sent went along perfectly with one particular poem from the book.  What a super, fantastic, wonderful idea!  And my kids loved it!  (as you can see in below photo sequences)

There they are... going through each and every poem/activity.  And when we finished with the puppets (the last activity we opened) the kids shouted for MORE!  So we read more poems and guess what? They wanted more activities too.  Lucky for me the next poem we read was about snack time and that made for a pretty easy activity for me to put together.  (as seen in the very last picture)

I must say, we can't thank Amanda enough for everything she sent.  We had such a great afternoon and we'll be reading/playing/learning with this stuff for a long time to come.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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