Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things for Jan to do...

Hi everyone! In honor of Jan Brett month, here are 10 things I think might be on Jan Brett's to-do list! 

Some of this stuff relates to Jan Brett's real life, some of it to posts we've written or Jan's books, and some of it is just for fun! 


1- Buy more meal worms for Astro (her pet hedgehog)

2- Health Department, to make sure immunizations are up to date for next exotic research trip

3- Set up meeting with the Angry Birds creators to discuss Angry Hedgie App

4- Pick up giant Hedgie costume from dry cleaner

5- Stock up on TP for tour bus

6- Speak with travel agent about Antarctica trip for Penguin book research (Wouldn't a penguin focused Jan Brett be great?)

7- Buy Dr. Scholl's gel inserts for book signing boots

8- Spend some time perusing PP&PB, the website of my favorite fans

9- Stop by big Nordic sweater sale

10- Gather winter woolens off the line, unless of course they've been spread through the yard by animals

There you have it.  
Now, I hope you will all get your to-do's checked off.
Happy reading -Whitney

PS- We're trying something new today and linking up to the big Top 10 Tuesday party at Oh Amanda!  Stop by and check out the fun!

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