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Ten great children's books on love and friendship

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday! We're still reveling in our new, cool look. (I promise some time to tell you all about our obsession with ampersands.)  Anyway, we have a fun filled top ten to share with you (hopefully with less commenting kinks than yesterday).
Heads up, if you are wondering, these are not Valentine books. Instead, this is a unique list of books about love, friendship, stickin' together-- you know, the good stuff.  

These books will be great to get your little ones in a Valentine mood, but they are fantastic for any, and I mean any other time of year as well. 

This probably goes without saying, but in case you haven't met one of our top tens before, it's in random order and its from both of us.  Reader, top ten.  Top ten, reader.  Enjoy...
By Else Holmelund Minarik

This is my FAVORITE kids book about love.  I first discovered it as a teacher when one of my sweet five year olds brought it to school.  Here's why I love it so much... it's an 'I Can Read' book that is beautifully illustrated, has a great story line, is laugh out loud funny and sweetly adorable.  In fact, if you know someone who's getting married (and loves children's literature) you should buy this book for them as a gift.  oh and btw, when you get this book... do yourself a favor and directly flip to page 14... that illustration just kills me (-r)

By Giles Andreae

I just got this from the library. It's a tender little book that really captures how kids feel love. One of my favorite lines... "And then when your stomachs are grumbly, love is unwrapping your treats, and love's stuffing everything in all at once leaving masses of mess on your cheeks."  Can't you just see your little cuties gobbling treats and leaving masses of mess on their own cheeks when you read those words? Priceless. (-w)  

By Holly Hobbie

First of all, I have a soft spot in my heart for anything Holly Hobbie.  Second these pigs are soooo wonderful.  Toot & Puddle, the best of friends regardless of all their differences.  Toot loves to take trips, while Puddle prefers to stay home.  And in this first book; that's just what happens, and here's the best bit... as Toot travels he sends postcards through the mail back to Woodcock Pocket.  (I have a big thing for sending letters through the good old USPS if you hadn't heard). (-r)

The Pocket Dogs by Margaret Wild

This is a current favorite and must read here at my house-- I mean nightly.  And, both my husband and I are happy to read this one over and over.  We all happen to adore Mr. Pockets & his pocket dogs.  It's a sweet story of belonging and being loved.
 Side note, I got it years ago from a book order and I don't know how easily available it is.  But, it's so cute! (-w)

By Barbara M. Joosse

A book of love and devotion about and Inuit daughter and her Mama.  As usual I love the illustrations.  I love the fact that it's told by a culture not my own.  This book is delightful and about the kind of love that can never run out... no matter what. (-r)

By Barbara Bottner and Gerald Kruglik

Okay, this is a quirky little book about friendship which I quite enjoy.  Wallace is regimented, precise and maybe a touch on the dull side.  Albert is free, spontaneous and maybe a little on the discombobulated side.  In the end, Wallace reaches outside his comfort zone to help his friend. It's silly, delightful, & endearing. And, his lists are really funny, too. (-w)

By Sandol Stoddard Warburg

A book I've given & received to/from a few of my very favorite people over the years.  Truthfully my kids aren't crazy about this one, but I am.  Here's why...

"When I say something funny
you laugh
I think I'm funny and
you think I'm funny too

"I like you because if I think I am going to
throw up then you are really sorry
You don't just pretend you are busy looking at
 the birdies and all that."

"I would go on choosing you
and you would go on choosing me
over and over again.

That's how it would happen every time
I don't know why"

So there you go, a few excerpts from the book.  It's the perfect valentines gift for that best friend... you know, the one you aren't sure why you like but you know one thing for certain.  You do like them and you ALWAYS will. (-r)

By Lisa McCourt

This is a silly book & perhaps you think it's a strange one to include, but my kids love it!  I think there is something comforting about the mother making up stories about how she'll love each crazy creature the child might become.  She'd love her child as a skunk, an alligator, even a green alien from mars who eats bugs instead of peanut butter.  Great little look at unconditional love. (-w)

By Charlotte Voake

So, I should tell you I have a thing for cats (meaning I love them so so so much) and this book is one of my (& my kids) favorites.  We love it every time we read it.  Ginger is a happy cat... until the little girl gets a brand new kitten to be a friend for Ginger.  Guess what?  Ginger doesn't want a new friend; especially one who leaps on his back, eats his food and even tries to sleep in his basket!  The story is really great (fyi, everything ends well & in a beautiful friendship... for the most part).

ps this story gives me hope that my cat & kitten (seen here) may someday get along... though as time passes I'm starting to think pigs may fly first. (-r)

By Leo Lionni

I almost forgot to include this book. Thank goodness I remembered it because it belongs on this list.  Have you ever felt alone or just plain different than everyone else? Let's be real, who hasn't.  But, poor Chameleon feels this way all the time and he can't seem to shake it.  However, when he meets another chameleon, he discovers that in a world where change is constant, having someone by your side can make all the difference. (-w)

Well, that's ten.  Do you think we missed any?  What's your favorite from the list?  And, how about that new signature, cute right? Thanks again Brooke!
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