Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spreading a little love in the Blogosphere...

Hello all!  So we received a very nice little compliment from another blogger, Lori from La La's Home Daycare.  She shared the love with a versatile blogger award thing and mentioned us as a new blog she likes!  Thank you! Thank you so much Lori! We love you too!  Lori has lots of fun ideas, check her out! 

Anyway, since we are new to the blogging world and don't know about all the buttons and linking and haven't met that many other bloggers yet, we are going to share with you some of the blogs we have visited that we love too.  These are some great sites...

 In our typical random order of course...

(Fun, fresh, funky ideas, love 'em, love her! Love!)

(Lots of fun, especially a ton of hand print projects which we know I love!)

(Okay, she's a fellow book lover, so clearly, we love her!)

(Lovely site, winner of our giveaway, love spreader extraordinaire! Lovely new friend!)

(So many fantastic ideas and sharing her patterns for FREE!! How's that for spreading the love!)

(New find, lots of personality and homemade fun! Love what we've seen so far!)

(Another book lover, we've shared about her before, obviously, love!)

Lori,  we love that you shared the love and we wanted to spread it around with a little bit of a PP&PB (internet newbie) twist. 

Love, Whitney and Robyn

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