Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Mercy!

Okay, we are seriously lacking in the chapter book recommendation area. Seriously!  And there are so many great ones out there, including...

Mercy Watson, by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy Watson is a lovely pet pig who stars in a series of early chapter books by Kate DeCamillo (author of Despereaux). 

These books are wonderful first chapter books!  The chapters are super short, the text is very big, and there are full color illustrations.  Plus, besides all that, the stories are cute and funny!  

Yep, intsagram obsessed here at PP&PB-- except I don't know how to use them right! (Luckily, Robyn texted me through it!  Where would I be without her!?!)

Anyway, I do feel that I need to clarify here quickly, these are not easy readers (meaning they are not filled with words that can be sounded out-- which can sometimes lead to disjointed stories).  These are lovely, actual stories, spiced up a bit by being broken into chapters.

If you have a pretty confident little reader who is looking to move into the chapter book world, these are a great bet.  

And, if you have a child who is not a real strong reader, but maybe their peers are in chapter books and you are trying to build a love for reading, these are again a great bet because...

1- the stories are entertaining enough that they want to keep reading
2- the chapters are short enough that they can feel a sense of accomplishment very quickly. 

They make great little read alouds too! 

If you haven't read Mercy, I really suggest you check her out.  And if you do, you'll want have plenty of bread and butter on hand because Mercy's favorite food is hot buttery toast, and reading these books often causes toast cravings.  

Happy reading and toast eating!

PS- For some reason, I really feel I must say that having a pet pig, so totally ridiculous-- unless it is one of the adorable teacup pigs!  I would totally have one of those. (Just call me Paris Hilton.)  What do you think?  Can you see me with a pig in my purse?

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