Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lois Ehlert's Fish Eyes & Glitter Fish

Remember when I mentioned my kids obsession with fish?  Because of this, I'm always on the lookout for a great fish book.  When I discovered Lois Ehlert had one... it became high on my list of books to get.

I love Lois Ehlert books so much, that I didn't even have to read it before I ordered it from Amazon.
Here are a few partial page glimpses into the fabulousness of this book...

Really, I don't think anyone has the same incredible gift with colors/contrast/shapes that Ms. Ehlert possesses.

You can kinda see how she incorporates a favorite children's book gimmick of mine.  Each fish eye is a di-cut circle in which the color from the page before shows through.  (Little sis really loves those holes).

After reading this book I knew we just had to make bright, fun fish of our own.

Using the book as a guide I cut several fishes out of bright construction paper, creating fish shapes based on Ehlert's illustrations. 

I don't know how everyone else in the world feels about glitter, but I do know this, my kids LOVE it.  And the truth is, glitter done right really does make every kids craft more beautiful, sparkly and fun.  Agreed?  So yeah, it's a big mess too, and I kind of understand why my mom didn't buy glitter for me all the time when I was a kid... but hey, it vacuums up and I don't think we ingested too much while we were crafting. 

I used the glue technique Whitney suggested back in the fall (interestingly enough, that activity actually featured a Lois Ehlert book as well).  I'll tell you what... applying glue using a small cup and paintbrush has been a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in gluing around here, thank you Whitney.

Here's what we did:

1- I gave each child a small cup with watered down glue & a paint brush (for glitter I have found watered down glue to work much better than the thicker usual type).

2- I gave the kids a few 'guidelines' for painting on the glue.  I have found from earlier projects that if I leave it completely up to the kids they kinda just paint all over the place with little to no direction as far as design goes.  But if I tell them 'start by painting 5 lines' (or something like that) then they still get to be creative (doesn't matter to me where the lines go) and the activity seems to keep their attention longer, plus it adds in a bit of math with shapes & numbers- not to mention some practice in following directions (the truth is my kids could use a little of that- he he he).

3- After painting their first set of shapes I came around with the glitter.  We did this five times or so on each fish... painting/glittering lines, then dots, then circles, then eyes etc.  (btw babies, meaning under two year olds, participated -not following directions but painting/glittering- and they loved it too.)

Here's our finished fishies!

Glitter Fish inspired by Lois Ehlert's beautiful illustrations = good times had by all.


PS: Even if you're not into fish, maybe these gluing/glittering tips will be useful for any upcoming Valentines projects around your house, I hope so.

PS Again: I'm sending this project & book over to Anne at Little Sprout Books, we're participating in a Love Books exchange... Anne, hope you all like fish too!  And thanks to The Educator's Spin on It for making this exchange happen.

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  1. Just wanted to add how I think those glitter glue pens seem like a good idea but they really never look as good as the loose stuff.


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