Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing the New Year at PP & PB

Welcome 2012!  Whitney and I have decided to implement some changes to our Blog this year- and we want you to be in the 'know'.  We've decided to organize a bit.  First of all- you can expect new posts from us each Monday / Wednesday / Friday.  Three new posts a week.

Mondays :  book review
Wednesdays: book review with activity
Fridays:  special feature
(including... guest blogger posts, favorite blog spotlights, top ten lists, giveaways- etc.)

In addition to running on a schedule, you may have noticed we've finally included a page that tells a little bit about us (Whitney & Robyn) and a few photos that probably tell even more than what we've written. 

The biggest 'new' thing I'd like to introduce today is that we're going to begin featuring favorite authors.  Each month we'll spotlight a children's book author.  Throughout the month we'll include several posts reviewing (and often swooning) over a selection of books by said author. 

without further ado... the author we've chosen to feature for the month of January is...

Jan Brett
It's no secret we adore Jan Brett here at PP & PB.  Did you know that she's written & illustrated 21 children's books (and is currently working on more) that she's retold & illustrated 9 books and has illustrated several more?  Click here to see a complete listing of her books.  Were you aware she puts a hedgehog in every book she writes?  Some books star adorable Hedgie the Hedgehog, others have a hedgehog (or several) hidden somewhere within the illustrations.  Her illustrations are so incredibly detailed- we just love her work! 

In fact we have already blogged about her a few times, here you'll find books of hers we've already reviewed:

I've even posted one of her recipes:

And I've been researching... I checked out every Jan Brett book I could find at our local library.  Here's a pile of her books (many from my personal collection as well) they have been such fun to read!

(on a complete side note... notice the fabulous red chair underneath the books?  My amazing sister & my equally amazing brother in-law salvaged a set of really cool antique oak chairs a few years ago, they needed some work but were obviously well made furniture... they were set out with the trash on a town cleanup day- (yikes!  right?)  They've been stored in their attic for the past few years awaiting some TLC... this Christmas my kids (and I) got the BEST Christmas package ever! (delivered UPS from NY)  Four vintage oak child sized chairs restored (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 pink) just for us.  Talk about treasures!  sorry, I just had to share... it was -and they are- AMAZING.) 

Okay, Okay... sorry about that.  So to wrap things up- we've got big plans for 2012 and we hope you're on board! 

We absolutely adore comments, so please leave a few.  Before I close up I'd like to leave you with a couple of links, here you'll find

and here you'll find

Here's to the New Year!  Cheers - Robyn

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