Monday, January 16, 2012

Gilbert Goldfish wants a Pet

In an effort to recommend and review some newly released children's literature (Trapper's been really pushing me to include more new releases in this blog... and since he's the biggest fan of our blog -or so he says- today I'm trying) last week I borrowed a HUGE stack of newish books from the library.  Out of the 20 or so I read there were about three I really liked.   

One of those three is...
 Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet
by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Bob Shea published June 2011

Sweet Gilbert is nearly content with his life, I mean he has everything a goldfish could want... everything that is... except for a pet.  Throughout the story Gilbert comes in contact with many perspective pets, but it never seems to work out quite right.  The book even ends with a lovely twist.

I enjoyed this book not only because of it's well written story and inviting vibrant illustrations, but because it rang true.  Everyday I hear the same thing from my nearly content 6 year old (we call him Snoopy).  The one thing Snoopy really needs to improve his life, is a pet.

You may wonder why I am so cruel as to not grant this simple wish to my young son, but before you think further- I'd like to introduce you to a few friends of ours...

Meet Goldie & Curious Ouch our resident goldfish
(one of which belongs to Snoopy)

And here's our holy terror Little Wonder house cat #1

Here we have lovable huge Pip Squeak house cat #2

Then there's Wolvers & Salty our outdoor mousers

We can't forget extremely large & friendly Auggie (sometimes out- sometimes in) dog

This is Electric the ever growing rex rabbit out back

and Mr. Xander our sweet and exceptionally adorable sugar glider

(as if things haven't gotten strange enough) I guess I'll introduce a Chukar...

and how about a Pheasant (both of which aren't really considered pets around here, but Trapper raises them -in large numbers- and so... why not bring a couple into the house for a photo shoot to give you an idea of how up to our necks in critters we are around here).

So when my dear Snoopy starts in on his usual sad song and dance about 'all he really needs is a pet', I just don't even know how to respond anymore.  Poor neglected child. 

Anyways... when you get a chance, pick up a copy of Gilbert.  It's sure to please.


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