Monday, January 23, 2012

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses

Jan Brett month is winding down people, can you believe it? January is almost over! Crazy!  Soon, we are going to start featuring authors whose shoes I haven't seen and who haven't signed my books.  Sad, sad day. 

Well, not that sad really, though I wish I had seen the fancy shoes of all the authors we are going to be featuring.  I assure you that they are just as fantastic and wonderful, even if I haven't seen their shoes.

Anyway, back to Jan Brett!  So, when I was 'you know where', they had all these Jan Brett books out, to build hype you know.  Anyway, I came across one I hadn't seen or heard before so while we were waiting in line I picked it up and read it (and liked it and bought it-- book stores are so sneaky.)  Anyhoo, its comin' your way right now!

By Jan Brett
This is a sweet story where the kind and gentle triumph.  Fritz is a friendly, sure-footed pony who lives near a city with fancy, snooty horses and uppity, prissy people who ride those horses.  One day when the children of the city are in trouble it's not the gallant and noble horses who come to the rescue, but good natured Fritz who saves the day.

We all know I'm a sucker for an animal book, but this one has a little extra magic for me.  It really is a tender book. 

I did a little checking, and this is the first book written and illustrated by Jan Brett (she did illustrate a couple before this, but this is the first one she wrote and illustrated.)

Of course the pictures are lovely, but I must say that the drawings of Fritz are especially fantastic-- like maybe my favorite Jan Brett illustrations of all time. He looks so soft and gentle and his eyes are so kind.  Reading it just makes me happy.  I hope you'll feel the same way.
Happy reading (though, that seems a little redundant based on what I said above.)

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