Friday, January 20, 2012

First Guest Post of 2012

Robyn Here... I'm SO excited about today's post.  We've got a guest!  One of my favorite people in the world and an extremely talented woman, seriously I am constantly in complete awe with her creativity and design sense.  Without further ado...

Hello! My name is Megan and you can usually find me at Happy Looks Good On You where I blog, with my best friend Alison, about DIY projects, yummy food, decorating, parties and all sorts of things that make us happy. I am really excited to be here at Pen Pals & Picture Books today. Robyn and I have been friends for years and she is utterly fantastic! Trust me.

Today, I will be sharing with you one of my favorite children's books which is The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed.

I really love all The Berenstain Bears books, but it's like this one was written just for me. The girl beating the boys at everything they did? That was right up my alley. The story of Sister Bear who can best Brother Bear and his friends in any games they play forces the boy cubs to start a "boys only" club.  Of course, in retaliation Sister Bear starts a club of her own. And like all Berenstain Bears books (and probably real life too) Mama, with her wisdom and peace-keeping skills, comes up with an idea that will bring both sides together again.

It was because of this book that, when I was seven years old, my dad built me a treehouse. The first time my mom read this book to me I started dreaming of a magnificent treehouse with curtained windows, a tin-can phone system, and a rope ladder. Well, actually I dreamt of a clubhouse on Berrybush Island complete with working drawbridge first, but we didn't have anything even remotely close to Frog Pond so I went with the treehouse dream because we did have trees. I begged and begged for what felt like months, but was actually probably more like a few weeks. My victory came at last, when after having spent hours nailing together a bunch of old wooden fence planks, that I was sure would serve as an excellent "floor" of my treehouse, my dad dashed my dreams by informing me that not only would the planks not work but that I also needed to pull all the nails out and put the planks back where I found them.

I was crushed.

And when you're dreams have been crushed by others, where do you go? To mom. Mom will fix everything.

Two weeks later I had a treehouse. Maybe it wasn't as grand as the one Papa Bear made for Sister Bear and maybe there weren't any curtains in the windows and maybe there wasn't any celebration with grilled honeycomb and salmon, but there WAS a rope ladder. And it was mine. My very own treehouse.

Here's the proof. (wish mom had gotten a shot of the rope ladder.)

I haven't read a Berenstain Bears book that I didn't love and I always learn a valuable lesson too. Bonus.

A very big thanks to Robyn and Whitney for having me today! Stop by Happy Looks Good On You sometime and say hello.

Until then.....


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