Thursday, January 19, 2012


As you may or may not know Jan Brett (our featured Author/Illustrator for the month) has a great fondness for hedge hogs... in fact she includes spiky little Hedgie in most of her books, if he's not the star he's hidden in the illustrations.

  So today I'm issuing a challenge for all those Children's Book Connoisseurs out there (aka picture book geeks) to figure out which book each picture of Hedgie (shown below) comes from.  Who's up for the CHALLENGE???  Whitney perhaps?  I know there are others out there who could give it a shot!  Take a look, then take a guess down below in the comments section.  Tomorrow in comments I'll post the key to my puzzle.  (If this isn't your cuppa tea, simply enjoy the beauty of amazing illustrations, they really are incredible.)









(French for hedge hog, clever oui?)



Thanks for playing - Robyn

ps:  My boys and I had this large stack of Jan Brett books and the challenge to find Hedgie, it was fun!  You should try it too, next time you're at the library check out a stack by Ms. Jan Brett... then set your little one/ones searching.  It kept my boys attention for five minutes or so- it's not about the quantity of time, it's the quality right?  (ha ha)  I hear there are children out there who could spend hours at such a task though, and perhaps those children are yours!

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