Friday, January 6, 2012

The Curious Fish(es) and...

Have I ever mentioned my children are OBSESSED with all things fish.  ALL.  It all started... well I'm not sure where it all started, but it has to do with their Papa Steve, who was a great fisherman (and they miss him), and it has to do with their cousins who love to fish, and it has to do with their Dad who takes them fishing all the time... and honestly it has to do with the fact that most everything that lives in lakes, rivers & oceans is strange yet really really really cool.

So yeah, real fishing & pretend fishing are both a big part of our lives.  And here's a couple a photos to show a sampling (in are seriousness we probably have 10x this many) of the fishes that have taken over our house in the past year to appease their obsession.
(okay and I'm showing off the chairs my sister gave me again... oh man- I'm in love with them)

Because of this 'fish' thing we have going on I'm always on the lookout for a great fish book.  (We are getting quite a large collection of fish books -fiction & non fiction-... others are sure to be featured in the future). 

So back in December I was visiting Julia's Bookbag- it's a place I LOVE to go, you should go there too- while I was there I discovered an unknown author to me, Elsa Beskow.  Melissa (blogger of Julia's) mentioned one of her books and told how much she loves all work Elsa.  The illustrations looked absolutely delightful so... click click click... I found myself at Amazon looking over everything Elsa.  Which is where I found this little beauty.  Into the shopping cart it went- when it came to me, I wrapped it and placed it under the tree. 

The Curious Fish was first published in 1933.  Elsa Besko, a Swedish author/illustrator wrote many children's books which are now consitered classics.  You can now find many of her books translated in English and published by Floris Books.  This story is a delightful and fanciful tale of a boy (who btw has my favorite little boy haircut... my boys both sport this cut and will for as long as they let me choose how the barber does his job) who catches his first fish & takes it home as a pet.  However the little fishies aunts and uncles are not about to loose this little fish... and they do what they MUST to get him back home.  My oldest (6) particularly enjoyed the story.  But as you can see, my little one (almost 2) also loved looking at the pictures.  She is very much into fishes as well... (she looks up to her older brothers and LOVES what they love).  Whether your children like fishes or not this book is endearing and delightful.  I'm excited to read more books by Elsa in the future.
A couple shots of the illustrations up close so you can see how wonderful they are...
That last one captures a moment of childhood so perfectly... well I think so at least.

Tell me, is there something a child in your life is obsessed with?  What kinds of things are taking over your house?

happy fishing reading - Robyn

(okay okay... just a couple more pictures because I'm having so much fun with instagram)

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