Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a white rabbit & mess free color mixing

Hi!  It's the middle of the holiday break and I'm going to be honest with you... though many other bloggers out in the blogosphere seem to be busy with their kids doing really great and creative activities (many involving bringing in the new year) at my house we're gaming.  In between time spent on the wii we're watching movies, eating, playing with Christmas toys and maybe reading the occasional book.  So for today I had to go to my archives of half finished posts, and here's what I finished up for you.  enjoy!
I have two favorite 'color mixing' picture books.  One of them can be found here in a fantastic post by Whitney, the other is:

White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker

These books tell similar stories... and I really love them both.  Either one is a great choice when looking for a book to introduce mixing primary colors to young children (or if you just want a great story young children will ask for again and again- like yesterday when I was trying to finish this post up, the book was sitting on my computer table and my baby saw it- then made me read it to her multiple times).  In White Rabbit's Color Book, our main character discovers three big tubs of paint (red, yellow and blue) out of curiosity she decides to hop inside.  What a surprise when rabbit becomes a completely different color than she expected after her second dip... soon she learns that through mixing primary colors other colors are created.  The story even ends in a bit of a twist.  

After reading this story to my little 3 & 4 year olds from 'mommy pre-school exchange' we did a really great, really fun, really simple MESS FREE color mixing activity... come see!

Here's what we used:
resealable sandwich bags
un-flavored gelatin
food coloring (red, yellow & blue)
and of course bowls, pans and that kinda stuff

First we followed the gelatin making directions on the box... add water- dissolve gelatin- boil... you know the drill.

Next we divided the gelatin into three separate bowls.  The kids take turns helping me add the dye.  We did about 15 drops of food coloring in each bowl.  (I made a little mistake at this stage in the process.  I should have kept the bowls completely separate from each other during the dye adding... one especially precocious child added a drop or two of yellow to the blue gelatin- making our color mixing a little less accurate in the end.)

Into the refrigerator went the bowls of liquid.  We left them to gel for about 30 minutes.

Next each child got to choose two colors (bibs did all three).  We scooped a spoonful of each chosen color into a baggy and then the squishing began.

Blue & Red

Yellow & Blue

Yellow & Red

Here we have the end product of lots and lots of squishy mixing.  The colors we discovered were as follows (in picture order from left to right):

red + blue + yellow = brown
red + blue = purple
red + yellow = orange
yellow + blue = green
blue + yellow = green

We had lots of fun!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday, I know we will - Robyn

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