Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 of 2011!!

Hi everyone! So in order to ring in the new year we are bringing you our top 10 posts of 2011! What, you may ask, does that mean?  It means, dear readers, that Robyn is picking 5 of her favorite posts that I (Whitney) wrote and I am picking 5 of my favorite posts that she (Robyn) wrote. 

Whoop- de- doo you may be saying, what's in it for me?  Well (and I really hope you aren't saying that) you are going to get a chance to revisit some posts that you may not have even been around for-- the best of the best and why we love them!

Here goes in random order...

This is a beautiful post about bringing up loss and sadness with your children in a safe and comfortable way for them.  It was a perfect way to memorialize the 10th anniversary of September 11th.  Thank you Robyn for letting us peak in on this tender experience with your little one.

Here Whitney features one of my family's favorite books ever... and then does an activity my kids have been begging to do for over a year.  In fact I read this post to my boys and they got REALLY excited.  I loved how I could tell how much fun her kiddos were having just though this little blog glimpse.  (confession: we still haven't done it yet, but I have a feeling it's going to happen sometime soon... the upcoming months are just going to be begging for something fun to lighten up the dreariness of winter)

So, one of the greatest things about the blog for Robyn and I is that we are often recommending books that the other person hasn't read.  That's really fun, like when Robyn suggested this little gem and then we checked it out at the library ourselves and had a wonderful time reading it-- a lot of wonderful times reading it actually.  My daughter was worried that we needed to tell the librarian about the bite out of the back cover when we returned it though.   

I can't tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy Whitney's posts which include simple project tips... like in her (fairly recent) Mouse Paint post.  She gives some awesome painting with preschooler advice that made me think "why have I not been doing that with my kids when painting?"  Whit often includes great tips throughout her posts and I love it!

Just like Whitney mentioned, I too get super excited when she posts about books we've yet to read.  In this post she featured two books, and both were new to us (we borrowed them and they were great!  Baby especially loved the red balloon that floats around throughout the Amos book).  And, I can tell you right now - my kids and I always have a better library experience when we go in with a list of a few recommended books rather than just pulling whatever off the shelves.

Okay, so this little beauty was one of our first activity posts!  I love it!  I was totally trying to figure out how to work Everyone Poops into the blog-- and then Robyn hits a home run!  FYI, this activity seems to be less than pleasing to the older generation (we've had a few grandparents roll their eyes at this one.)  But, if you are in the trenches, especially with potty training, you really should check it out.  Poop is part of life.  It is.

We're often including posts with preschool activity ideas but in this post (by Whitney) instead of an activity to go with the book she includes some great advice.  So many books (like the two found in this post) are the perfect launch pad for talking to our kids about really important character building stuff, information that's just as important (if not more important) as teaching them 123's and ABC's.  A couple of great books with a really great message. 

This one is so cool!  In case you can't tell from that photo, she hatched a butterfly right in her house!  No send away kit, just some milk weed and a chrysalis! Amazing! Seriously, a-mazing! Robyn does a fantastic job of taking a book and creating an experience for the kids!  Also, I wasn't trying to mock the send away butterfly kits at all-- after reading this and seeing we have no milkweed around I may be taking that route myself, but this post is the real deal!

If ever you're reading a post (on this blog) and you can 'hear' the voice of the featured book in the writing- you know Whitney's typing.  She has a real gift for mimicking an authors writing style and voice... honestly I'm jealous of her ability.  This post had me laughing and smiling ear to ear.  Pure fun- I loved it!  (btw this book is an all time favorite at my house)

This is a fairly recent post, so most of you have probably seen it.  But, when I saw these ornaments I was singing their praises all over cyberspace and the real world!  They are adorable!  Add their cuteness to three great snowman books, all available cheaply from your book order and I'd say we have a winner!  Seriously though, the ornaments, have you seen anything cuter?  Ever?

And that makes ten!  Fun stuff right?  You know what? We'd love to hear about your favorite post(s) too, so leave us a comment and share.  Also, we have a lot of exciting stuff happening at PP&PB  in the new year, so stop by again soon!

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!
Robyn &Whitney

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