Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks alot, DAVID!

Any of you remember seeing this photo in my gingerbread house making post?  Well he's my four year old (we'll call him Bibs) and he thinks David, the main character of several David Shannon books, is hilarious and wonderful (Whitney talks about David here, you should take a look).  This photo kind of shows either why Bibs can so readily relate to David or maybe that David's had quite an influence on Bibs... I'm not sure.

Either way- it's a fact that Bibs has a very favorite Christmas book.
It's Christmas David by David Shannon

If you aren't familiar with David you should know that he's a character who's often getting into mischief.  It's not that he wants to be bad... more like he's spontaneous and not very aware of consequences.  He really lives in the moment.  And so does Bibs.

Below is a page from the book... here you see David sitting on Santa's lap reading the loooongest Christmas list you ever saw...

... and it's really funny.  Filled with ridiculous things like "#117. 100 Cheeseburgers" (seen below).

Every time we read this page (and my boys make me read the whole list every time) they laugh their pants off.  All the ludicrous items are really silly and really funny.  Guess what?  right after Thanksgiving Bibs insisted on making his own Santa list.  Here it is....

yes, it nearly reaches to the floor, and yes- it's filled with silly things.

In an earlier post I featured this David book as one of our Top 10 holiday favorites, and in my short paragraph I mentioned this part of the book...

This page is a BIG TIME giggle instigator.  Well, Bibs happens to be learning to write his name lately.  He practices it all the time... yesterday he informed me that the reason he's practicing so much is so he'll be able to write HIS name in the snow too, just like David.  (Too bad for you there wasn't enough snow on the ground for him to try it out yet, you might have gotten to see his attempt through pictures.)

Another thing about Bibs is that he knows (and admits) that he's probably not always on the good list.  In fact he says he wants Santa to bring him some coal.  These words have come out of his mouth "Santa should bring me a lump of coal because sometimes I'm naughty." 

Good news, Santa picked up some coal at the store yesterday.

How many of you have noticed that books (and characters in books) can really have a big influence on kids?  One day while I was perusing Silly Eagle Books (a site I simply adore) I stumbled upon her 'things I blame on books' page.  It's really hilarious and similar to what we've got going on here, you should definitely go see.

So you may be wondering how I feel about David now.  I still love him and I still love Bibs... though I may need to put David away for a while after Christmas.  Any ideas on who I should introduce instead?  Perhaps a very well behaved ,sweet and obedient character?  Let me know if you've any ideas.

Merry Christmas - Robyn

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