Monday, December 5, 2011

The Other Goose

For a while there it seemed like all my posts started with, "I stumbled upon this book when my child...."  Honestly, going to the library and being handed a million books from each kid, that is how I find a lot of great ones, and a lot of whammies. 

I share the great ones with you and I return the whammies to the library as soon as possible.  Though, I can't blame my children because I am able to find plenty of whammies on my own. 

Anyway, the oldest chickadee found this book and it really is a cute story.  She is even the one that suggested I put it on the blog, so here goes...

The Other Goose, by Judith Kerr

Katerina is the only goose on her pond and this is very upsetting for her.  Though the townspeople love her, she longs for goosely companionship. Oddly enough,  she often sees another goose, but he always seems to be riding in a shiny car.  He just won't get out, despite all of Katerina's squawking.

It's a simple, almost old fashioned story.  And, what book about a goose would be complete without a wild goose chase?  The chase in this book is great!  Also, the book ends just perfectly in my opinion.

Remember when I recommended this book?  How it has a little bit of holiday?  Well, The Other Goose is the same, it has a touch of Christmas, but would make a great read any other time of year as well.
Happy reading! -Whitney

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