Friday, December 9, 2011

not JUST for girls

As you may have heard we're in the middle of a holiday giveaway (if you haven't entered you should before Monday at 8:00 it's easy, just comment on this post and you've entered once) honor of the prize I have a few things to say...

I have always considered myself the kind of a person who doesn't get hung up on labels.  Pink's just a color not a gender.  It's no big deal when my son wants to play with a doll.  And I don't think I've ever met a kid who doesn't like to play dress-up.  Having said all that, until just recently I'd never read...

"Fancy Nancy" by Jane O'Connor. 
'Pinkalicious' by Kann & Kann
Sure, I'd heard of Fancy Nancy.  I'm big into Children's Lit... but I simply never took the time to pick it up and read it (even though I'd heard good things) and the truth is I'd never even heard of Pinkalicious (or any of the many sequels).  ... and here's the pathetic reason why:

My two oldest are boys (my little girl's a baby).  I figured these kind of books were for girls.  End of story.  (So much for the me not being worried about the labels thing right?)  It took a great gal pal of mine lending us her tattered copies of these two books for me to see what I'd -actually we'd- been missing out on.

The boys LOVED both books and I highly recommend them to everyone out there- boys and girls alike.  My kids giggled the whole time we were reading and we read them numerous times before returning them to my friend.  (in fact for a while we had a new game in our house pointing out things that are fancy vs. plain)

My Point?

Children's books shouldn't be classified as 'girl books' or 'boy books'... The truth is: it all really comes down to books that are well written, creative and fun vs. those whammies (we've all read them) the ones that make us wonder how in the world something like that got published.

Now I'm asking a favor from you... Please let me know of any great books I've yet to discover because of my earlier stereotyping!  I'd love some recommendations!


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