Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jan Brett's Noseprint Cookies

Today I'm sharing a quick, easy, tasty, fun recipe. 

Remember a few weeks ago when Whitney told us all about Jan Brett's wonderful newest book 'Home for Christmas' on this post?  What you don't know is that since Whit and I live far apart (hence the pen-pals part of our name) I wasn't able to attend the Jan Brett book signing.  I was disappointed I couldn't go... but Whitney (being the great friend she is) sent me a wonderful package containing the book and tons of other great stuff she picked up when she met Jan, including an activity page that included this tasty cookie recipe featured in 'Home for Christmas' (the recipe isn't included in the book). 

 I made these cookies last week for a cookie exchange party hosted by Jennifer Hadfield over at tatertotsandjello.com.  It was a fantastic event, one that (sadly) Whitney couldn't attend.  For everyone who wasn't there... here's the recipe, enjoy!

Anyone who's looking for a wonderful new Christmas book and a great new recipe to try out... you have found what you are looking for! 

-here's hoping you all have time to relax, read good books and bake yummy cookies during your holiday break! -Robyn

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