Monday, December 12, 2011

Home for Christmas

As you may have heard, we have a giveaway going on!  Surely you have seen one of Robyn or my subtle updates about it on facebook?  Or, the links on the blog, like this one.  We want you all to be included, so comment by 8 pm tonight, okay kids?  The winner will be announced just after that. EXCITING!!! 

What can I say, we are pumped about giving you something!  Really, giveaways get us very excited around here, and we aren't even the ones with a chance of winning-- that's how much we love our readers! 

You know what else we love?  A great book of course!  And I have been dying to share this one with you since I first heard about the story from the author herself-- Ms. Jan Brett!  That's right, I have the scoop straight from the horse's mouth-- or in this case it might be more like straight from the moose's antler!

Home For Christmas, by Jan Brett

So, to kick off my holiday season, you may remember me posting (here) about the fact that Jan Brett was coming to town. I figured this would be sort of just a wait in line book signing, but when I arrived I was excited to see it was so much more. 

Among other things (more on these other things at a later date, of course) Jan talked all about how she came up with the idea for this book.  I'm gonna share because I just love her and I'm guessing you do too...  

Did you know Jan Brett wanted to run away from home when she was a little girl?  She told me--and a few other people--she wanted to run away to the stable beside her house and sleep in the fresh hay and have her mom bring her grilled cheese sandwiches-- so cute, right? 

Well, Home For Christmas is the story of a runaway troll named Rollo who must have been lurking up there in Jan's brain waiting to be written about ever since her wannabe runaway days. 

As usual, Jan has filled the book with wonderful animal antics, including Rollo riding on a moose antler that is being shed.  (Again, I have to share) I got to see the actual moose antler that inspired this part of the book.  Look... 

She talked all about a trip she took to Kiruna, Sweden that helped inspired the art for the book.  Can you see her little Hegdie purse?  Only Jan Brett, right?  Anyway, I'm getting in one of my swooning moods, perhaps I better leave it at this...

If you see this book around, and you will, it's all over right now, pick up a copy!  Its a new Jan Brett classic and it might inspire those on the naughty list at your house to change their ways.

Happy reading! -Whitney  

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