Monday, December 12, 2011


In case you're wondering, felicitations is French for congratulations!  And we are in a congratulatory mood because we are about to announce our Spendiferous Giveaway Winner!! 

First though, we must express our deepest gratitude (that means say thanks so much) to everyone who has commented and/or liked us on facebook!  

Really, thank you so so much! We have a lot of fun ideas in store so please check back often and keep sharing your thoughts.  Comments really make our day!

Now, a peek at the prize...
The winner will be receiving Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas and all of these spectacular supplies...

4 perfectly paper-wrapped party hats
4 riveting red paper plates
1 bag of glamorous green feathers
1 bag of smashingly scarlet feathers
4 tubes of gorgeous glitter
1 bounteous bag of bows

You can make 4 of Nancy's terrific tree toppers.  For tips, check this post.
(The post will also explain why I am using the big words and giving their meaning in parentheses, if anyone is in the dark on that.) 

Okay without further ado, (that means without waiting any longer), the winner is...

(we have no last name but only one Amanda entered, so...)

A great big Fancy Nancy Felicitations to you!  Please message Whitney Chandler Peters on facebook with your address so we can send you all your loot!

Also we'd love to see what your toppers turn out like!  If you feel so inclined, will you share a photo of them on the pen pals and picture books facebook page?

Thanks again to everyone for liking and commenting! You're all great! 
Happy reading! Whitney and Robyn

If you didn't win, don't feel bad, Julia's Bookbag (another blog we just adore) is having a giveaway right this very moment... go check it out!

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