Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Trouble

Okay, November's here, time for all things turkey!  But first, have you ever gone to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and they are out of...pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or whatever last thing it is you need for dinner the next day? 

Well, I don't want that to happen when you go the library.  Because, I know that hitting the library before a big holiday is on all your to do lists.  What? It's not? Well then, if you happen in anytime before Thanksgiving, here's a cute book...

Turkey Trouble, by Wendi Silvano

Confession, I wasn't actually the one that read this book. My husband was the reader and my four year old the intended readee.  I was just an attentive eavesdropper.  But, this I can tell you, when after a full day's work and a couple of hours chopping wood, daddy is willing to do voices when he reads a book, you know that is a good story.

Turkey knows that Thanksgiving is near and he is doing all he can not to become dinner.  He thinks it might help if he doesn't look like a turkey.  But, despite his many attempts, the other barnyard animals aren't buying his costumes.  Then he meets up with Rooster and he thinks all his problems are solved, or are they?  How will he get out of the mess now? You'll love his solution.

Gobble! Gobble! And, happy reading!
(Sorry, I was dying to put gobble gobble in there somewhere.)

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