Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 10 Holiday Children's Books brought to you from PP&PB

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and what's better than a stack of great seasonal books to get you and your little ones in a happy holiday spirit!  Whitney and I have collaborated to bring you ten wonderful books which are sure to be favorites for you and yours- this year and forever after...
(Many books from this list will likely be featured in detail as we draw closer to the holidays.  We just wanted to give you all a quick glimpse & a bit of info about several books you'll love... that is, if you don't already.)

Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner

So, this is my favorite winter book!  It attempts, in a fantastic manner, to explain why your snowman starts to look all slumped and frumpy.  Winter classic at my house!  (I've even read it a few times in the summer.) Not only are the illustrations great, but, it's a rhyming book-- we know I can't resist those!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,
By Barbara Robinson

A chapter book that my mama read to me every year at Christmas time.  It's hilarious and touching... seriously it will bring tears to your eyes from both laughter and sentiment.  From my perspective, there is no other Christmas book that better shows the true spirit of the season.  Read it aloud as a family.

The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg

This book seems to have been a bit forgotten because of the movie.  Don't get me wrong, I love that ticket punching thing too, but really the book is a childhood must read.  Must!  More must than the movie is a must watch!  Notice it has that golden seal we talk about so often?  I just decided if I could have a super power I know what it would be-- the ability to write and illustrate-- and Chris Van Allsburg has that!

It's Christmas, David!, by David Shannon

David is back and he's getting in trouble as usual... only now he has to worry about the 'naughty list'.  My four year old opens up this book and is instantly transformed into a laughing maniac.  Is there anything funnier than peeing your name in the snow??? 

I Believe in Santa Claus, by Diane Adamson

You will not find a better book for tying the Ho Ho Ho side of Christmas to the Holy side of it!  The comparisons are poignant and while the text is simple enough for even young children, the message will strike a chord with readers of all ages.  Really, it would be completely appropriate to buy this for a child or an adult.

Santa Clause the World's Number One Toy Expert,
by Marla Frazee

I don't always love the way Santa Clause is depicted in books and other entertainment, but I LOVE the Santa in this book.  He is the true Santa for all intents and purposes to me.  Jolly, happy, joyful, childlike, thoughtful, giving, silly, friendly and of course very round.  The illustrations are irresistible and the story is wonderful.

Home For Christmas, by Jan Brett

This is Jan Brett's latest and she's at it again with the splendid illustrations fun animal filled storyline.  Since it's new, you're bound to see it while you're out and about.  If your wondering whether to get it or not, just know it's got the PP&PB stamp of approval, if that means anything to you.
The Night Before Christmas,
by Clement C. Moore

Originally published anonymously in 1823 as "A Visit from St. Nicholas" this wonderful holiday poem has been reproduced and illustrated countless times.  It's widely believed that this poem is responsible for our current depiction of many Christmas traditions, of Santa Clause and of his reindeer.  This story is one read on Christmas Eve traditionally at my home, as I'm sure it is at countless others.  I've featured Mary Engelbriets rendition- I love her whimsical, bright illustrations.
Snow, by Uri Shulevitz

So, this a great and totally underrated picture book.  (I am pretty sure I saw it in the book order this month, so I hope it is starting to get some of the recognition is deserves, other than that Caldecott Honor anyway.)  Its a perfect book for preschool aged kids because there is very little text and wonderful, sort of unconventional illustrations.

The 12 Days of Christmas, a Pop-Up Celebration by Robert Sabuda

I've sung praises for Robert Sabuda before and I will again and again.  He's an incredible artistic engineer of all things paper.  This depiction of 'the 12 Days of Christmas' is absolutely amazing.  Every time I open each page I'm astonished.  Seriously the ten pipers piping... I don't even know how that page works, but it does.

Now we've shared ten of our favorites with you we would LOVE to hear what books are holiday traditions in your home.  Please leave a comment... we both always love to hear about a good book!

happy holiday reading! -Robyn & Whitney

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