Friday, November 11, 2011

Rainbow Shish Kebab's.... mmmmm

I just had to look up how 'shish kebab' was spelled exactly (and good thing I did, I was way off).  I did learn an interesting tid bit though, apparently shish kebab is the Turkish word for skewer.  With that in mind who's up for skewering them self a rainbow?

This post is a little activity tag along to a recommendation Whitney gave a while back on the fabulous book "What Makes a Rainbow" by Betty Ann Schwartz.  You should definitely check it out- it's the perfect book to preface today's delicious nutritious snack activity. 

Prior to preschool my son and I made a trip to the produce isle at our local grocers, he was extremely excited to be getting so much fruit in so many different colors... here's what we picked out, all washed up and ready to go (of course feel free to exchange same colored fruits of your preference).

After handing out skewers (I got these at the grocery store too- and I'm pretty sure I won't be running out of them for quite some time) I brought over the fruits one by one- in rainbow order, or course.  With my cutting board and knife we worked together to make the fruit the proper size and shape (not any pics of this since I was helping kids; not taking photos).  We talked about cutting safely and the color order of the rainbow as we built our kebabs.

We have five kids in our little school and every single one of them had so much fun skewering their fruit.  They were focused and diligent as they built.

I think I'd better add... I'm a little embarrassed that our tasty rainbows don't actually have all the colors of the actual rainbows (you know ROYGBIV red orange yellow green blue indigo violet).  We are missing blue...  but I couldn't figure out a blue fruit, any ideas?  After my last post where I was so persnickety about the rules of making 'true to life' snowflakes, and here I present not quite right rainbows- then again in above mentioned children's book there is no mention of indigo... ha ha, oh well.

  Anyway this picture features a child skipping over blue.

Here's the finished product, doesn't it look absolutely delicious?  And it was the perfect snack for a kid to make on their own.

Time to eat up!  The eating was my other favorite part of this activity.  As I brought the fruits to the table, I put all the left overs in the middle.  The kids ate as they assembled... and that fruit was quickly gobbled up. 

Nutritious/delicious food, color science, use of small motor skills, cutting safety and snack all skewered beautifully on a terrific shish kebab of fun!!!

There you have it! (oh and a little thanks to pintrest for the inspiration, though the ones I saw on there were all professional and made by grown ups... still)

Thanks for stopping by - Robyn

PS if anyone out there is actually reading, I would love comments... please don't make me beg.

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