Monday, November 21, 2011

One last Thanksgiving picture book...

I can't believe it- Thanksgiving is upon us.  Before everyone switches into December holiday mode I've gotta let you all know about "Setting the Turkeys Free" by W. Nikola-Lisa.  I stumbled upon this one at the library a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you- it's wonderful.  Because of my children's literature obsession, I've got a husband who's always asking me when I'm going to write/publish my own book (and then get famous and make lots of money, that happens right? ha ha).  This is the kind of book that makes me wonder... "why didn't I think of that idea? "  Short story short, the book goes through the process of a kid making hand print turkeys and in the process creates an elaborate story/adventure.  I love how true to life this book is... what this little kid does and creates is exactly what my children do everyday in their play and with artwork.
The activity to accompany this book is so obvious its pretty ridiculous that I'm even sharing what we did... I mean we just made hand print turkey pictures like our friend from the story.  But we had so much fun!  I can't help but share a few pics.

Below you can see all the stuff I gathered for this project. 

We used jumbo washable ink pads instead of paint for hand prints- it's just easier for me (just like when we did these great monster hand prints).
After we got all the prints on the paper I set the kids free with all the fun stuff... and boy did they go wild having free reign with all the art supplies.
Pictured above I'm using Whitney's great idea for gluing seen here.  It worked perfectly.
We almost forgot to feed our turkeys... but don't worry (as you can see below) we caught it-  phew.
Here's the finished product from my 6 year old & 4 year old.  Seriously the kids had a ball in the process... and the whole time each child had a running dialog of the story they were creating on the paper, just like in the book.
Hope you all get a chance for some fun turkey art before the big feast!

PS Check out the view from our front window right after we'd finished our art work.  It was perfect timing for the local flock of wild turkeys to pay us a visit.  Thanks Turkeys!

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