Monday, November 28, 2011

If you need a mouse for baby...

So, I'm sure you have all heard of the great 'If you give a....' books by Laura Numeroff. My kids love them, and I'm sure this goes without saying, but I'm quite a fan myself.  What you may not know is that baby can join in on the fun too...

Time for School, Mouse! By, Laura Numeroff

In this little board book, Mouse is getting ready for school, but he can't find his homework.  My kids have each become obsessed with this book just before hitting age two!  Though it doesn't follow the traditional "If you give a..." book type pattern, it does have a nice predictable storyline which is perfect for little ones just exploring language. 

At about 18 months, it seems that kids are really excited about saying words they know, and pointing out things they recognize, and repeating things they hear.  I think that is why this book is such a hit.  The simple illustrations are easy for little ones to recognize and it has a very clear problem and resolution, super easy to follow.  Plus, after reading it a few times, it is so so cute to hear your little one join in and say all the things mouse finds instead of his homework.

And of course, I love that it is board book!  Durable, long lasting, good for chubby little hands!  If you are racking your brain for a toddler gift this year, pick up this book. 

(As a side note, don't you think younger siblings are the toughest to buy for, they can really just play with the stuff the older kids have grown out of-- hand me down toys, I suppose you would call them. Well, in my opinion books are always a great choice and there are so many good ones out there-- like this one!)

Speaking of choices,  Robyn and I have some choices to make this month and we'd like your help. We can't decide what to post about...
Are you looking mostly for holiday books and activities? Are you looking for favorites that would make good presents? Are you burnt out on too many holiday activities and looking for just plain old fun things to do with the kids?  Let us know. 

Yes, I realize this will require that you comment-- it's not scary, I promise.  It's super easy, you can even comment as a guest!  E-A-S-Y!  Really we'd love hear from you, even if you are just going to say, surprise me!   

  - Happy reading and commenting?

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