Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Zoo

I love love love lift the flap books! They are a great way for little ones to get involved in reading and page turning.  They are interactive, exciting and fun, without being over the top-- oh, and they rarely ever make noise! 

I know this is a whole different issue, but why does everything have to make noise, especially for babies and toddlers.  Don't get me wrong, a little jingle here, at little rattle there, fine-- obnoxious music, honking, crying-- those things are really unnecessary!  Seriously! 

(Sorry my daughter got a doll for her birthday and when I took if off the 'try me' mode all the thing did was cry-- I felt like I was in home ec or health or whatever class you carry around those dolls and try to keep them happy, except I couldn't keep it happy!  Back to 'try me' mode she went-- at least one of us was happy!  

Anyway, as I was saying, lift the flap books are a must have in every child's library!  Here is one we never tire of in this house...

 Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell  

As you may or may not know, sometimes books targeted at the itty bittys can be a little lacking storywise.  Then, the publisher will usually throw in another gimmick like touchy feely, or the mirror at the end, etc.  Those are great, and I can guarantee stuff like that will be blogged on by yours truly in just a matter of time. 

But, I like that this book has a nice little story to go along with the clever little flaps.  After receiving a letter from "me" the zoo begins to send various types of pets in hopes to find a good match. 

There's mystery, but also a simple repetitious line (great for pre-literacy skills) when each unsuitable animal is sent back.  Oh, and the containers the animals arrive in are each creative and unique. 

And, the containers have the flaps, so its like your child is really opening each one to see what the zoo sent. My only complaint about this book is I wish the flaps were a bit more sturdy because we have had to repair a few of ours, it's had so much use.  

So, I hope you have a nice quiet read and happy flap-lifting!

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