Friday, October 14, 2011

Trees Make Everything Beautiful

Trees are my favorite.  It's no wonder I love this book so much.  A Tree is Nice, written by Janice May Udry is a beautifully written book with lovely illustrations by Marc Simont.  It won a caldecott medal in 1957.  The pictures draw you into the book; they make you long to be up in a tree, swinging from the branches or simply lying in the shade.  The story is simple and beautiful... when it's over you really want to go plant a tree of your own.  That should have been my activity to go along with this book, alas not today. 

The activity I am sharing is a simple one, my favorite kind...

1: Read 'A Tree is Nice' -talk about trees, how different they can be and all the environments in which they grow.

2: Collect leaves, all shapes and sizes -the more variety the better.

3: Have children place and tape leaves however they like on a large sheet of paper.  I used paper from my easel, you don't want the paper to be too thick.

4: Turn the paper over and tape down all the corners to keep it securely in place.

5: Teach children how to rub crayons sideways in order to get the surface impressions of the leaves. 

Leaf rubbings are beautiful and amazing to me.  I love how this little leaf came through, and the mixture of colors is so fantastic!

This is a simple basic activity that is fun to do over and over again.

happy fall and happy reading - Robyn

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