Monday, October 31, 2011

This one will scare your pants off!

On this fine Halloween day I am paying homage to a very favorite author... (like so many others) Dr. Seuss is one of the reasons I love to read and probably the main reason I have a book collecting obsession.  We didn't own many seuss books when I was a kid, so every two weeks I anxiously awaited the arrival of the 'Bookmobile' (the traveling library of us rural kids).  As soon as it came I always went straight to the seuss books.  

This one can be found as one of the 'other' stories included in 'the Sneetches' or in it's small stand-alone version, I got mine in a scholastic book order. 

What was I Scared of?

This book is a spooky and delightful rhyming short by our beloved Theodor.  It's actually quite silly and because of that it's the perfect book to 'act' terrified when reading.  Kids go nuts when you slam the book shut (out of utter fear) refusing to continue the horrifyingly frightful story.  They scream when you say things such as "but if I continue I'm afraid you'll have night mares" or (with a whimper in your whisper) "This is too much, I can't bear it- those pale green pants... I just can't go on!"  Truly the perfect story to read to youngsters (or anyone for that matter) on a dark night! 

Happy Halloween! - Robyn

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