Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soup's On!

My son received this book as a gift on the last day of September and we have read it (at least once) everyday since then.  It is by far the favorite Halloween book in our collection.  You won't find a highly original story here, Bone Soup by Cambria Evans is a retelling of the classic folk tale Stone Soup.  I happen to love remakes and retellings, and this is a fantastic one! 

Finnigin has almost nothing to his name; save his eating spoon, his eating stool and his big eating mouth...

... when he wanders into a town he's never been to before on Halloween night he is expecting to arrive just in time for a holiday feast, instead he finds the town nearly deserted.  Upon knocking on several doors it's obvious that many creatures (including a witch, a beast, an adorable family of zombies, a mummy and a tiny werewolf) reside here- but not one of them will spare even a piece of wormy cheese for Finnigin.  This is where the story begins.

Though this is not a book that would appeal to my mother, it certainly appeals me (and it definitely appeals to my children).  The combination of not-so-scary creature of the night illustrations and the most disgusting and disturbing soup ever concocted- makes for a perfectly creepy Halloween read.

My favorite moment associated with this book happened a few nights ago after reading.  While tucking my boys into bed I asked them if they would rather eat 'stewed eyeballs' or 'mouse droppings' (both found in bone soup) my oldest gave a very sound NO to either.  My younger son thought about it for a moment, then told me he wouldn't eat those ingredients but he would definitely eat the toenail clippings because he thinks fingernails taste great!

Here's to a story that is just creepy enough- Robyn

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