Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ribbons of fun...

My three year old stumbled upon this book at the library while I was frantically trying to find chapter books for my 2nd grader, other than fairies and magic dogs. (Sorry, as usual, I dirgress.)

What Makes a Rainbow written by Betty Ann Schwartz and illustrated by Dorra Turner
FYI, it may not be the most exciting text you've read to your child, but what this book lacks in literary finery, it makes up for it with the

magic ribbon rainbow!

My family is sort of obsessed with this book right now. My daughter asked me to read it 7 times. Really, she said, "Mom, will you this to me seven times?"

I also love the fact that its just as fun for her to turn the pages and "read it to herself" because of the staightforward storyline. It's very simple yet very entertaining!

Happy Reading -Whitney


  1. I completely agree that this book is very cool! sadly ours took a dive into the bathtub... a lesson learned the hard way- I've gotta get a new copy one of these days. thanks for the reminder about a really cool book.

  2. We love that book! The ribbons of color are so fun! It's been in our church bag for a while now.


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