Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Magic

   by Ed Emberly, a book that teaches you how to make your monsters disappear.  (Who couldn't use a little of that?  Right?)

This book is so cool... it has di-cut pages that first build the monster page by page then take that big green scary monster apart (piece by piece/page by page) until there's nothing left.  The simple text is filled with fantastic descriptive adjectives and the book caries a great message of conquering fears.  We discovered it at our local library- but this book is definitely one I'm going to buy, I just can't resist a book with a good gimmick.  My kids ages 18months - 6 can't resist a book like this either.

As I was out searching the web for the image of featured book, I stumbled upon La-La's Home Daycare.  She happened to share Big Green Monster with her readers not so long ago and she had a terrific activity (very similar to Whitney's latest -and wonderful- 'ghost footprints').  I decided to give it a shot with my kids (with a few slight changes).  Keep reading and you'll see it was a HUGE hit...

Hand Print Monsters

Jumbo Washable Ink Pads
and we used a couple Googly Eyes

#1- We started out by making a ton of hand prints all over the paper.  As you can see, my 4 year old thought up the idea of printing fronts and backs of hands.  It turned out pretty cool!  I had the kids take turns printing (btw have something available to clean hands directly after stamping).

#2- I gave a couple of the hand prints eyes, mouths and teeth just to give the kids an idea of where they could go... after that I handed over the markers and they were off!!!

I think these monsters are about the cutest thing in the world... I'm so impressed with how great they turned out!  My favorite bit of all is that- as the monsters became more elaborate and detailed stories began to form around them... it was like they were becoming alive with personalities and behaviors.  Here you can see a few of them...

Aren't the GREAT?!?

Check out these guys... I love their personalities and interactions. 

I wouldn't want that ferocious red guy after me either.

And that green guy in the middle- he looks like he could have just walked out of a Shel Silverstein poem!  (also that black print running away in terror cracks me up)

This activity was so great.  In fact (as I type) my boys are drawing faces on a whole new set of prints we just made.

Enjoy! -Robyn

ps this is what happens when you send children to clean up on their own.  oh well- glad it's washable ink.

If you are wondering about the stamp pads... we used something like this:

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