Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It might be about a strike, but this book is a home run!

So, you may remember I have a thing for rhyming books (who doesn't by the way). Well, I'm just as stuck on animal books and this little beauty fits into both those categories.  WINNER!

Animal Strike at the Zoo by Karma Wilson
illustrated by Margaret Spengler
Sorry, I didn't mean to go all Charlie Sheen on you up there. Sometimes when my kids pout-- or I pout for that matter, a book helps get us out of the slump.
These animals  have got the give-mes.  Despite all the Zoo Keepers efforts, they just won't cheer up.  But, when little Sue arrives, they remember why they do what they do!
These type of books always get me in a rhyme-ee mood (one day I might go over the edge and do a whole rhyming post-- watch out!) 
Anyway, combine Wilson's (author of Bear Snores On) clever rhyming with illustrations of scowling otters, nut inspecting elephants, and zebras holding root beer float signs.  Your little ones won't be able to resist. 
Happy Reading!
PS- Got it from the book order for like a dollar!  Wahoo!

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