Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cute Little Ghosts and a Scaredy Cat

Okay, regular readers already know of my undying love for Splat the Cat.  If you are new to the blog, you can find me swooning about him here and here.  He really is such a cute, lovable character. In his Halloween edition, Splat is full of his usual silliness and splendor. 

Scaredy-Cat Splat, by Rob Scotton

Luckily, this was pre "I Can Read" take-over so we still get the clever text written by Rob Scotton himself, and his fun illustrations.  (Sorry 'I Can Read' books, but sometimes your text is less than thrilling.  And, though your illustrations are close, they are missing that softness that the original Splat books have.)

Anyway,  just like Robyn, at this house we prefer the not-so-scary Halloween stories.  Splat is just that.  It's fun and funny with just a pinch of spooky thrown in.  And, though this activity has nothing to do with the book, here is a really fun Halloween project...

First, I must give a shout out because I heard about this activity from the lovely and talented Kate Smith.  Thanks Kate, my kids L-O-V-E-D this!  The middle chickadee has asked to do it several times since and the baby chickadee climbed up on the table today, stomping her feet and looking around for the paint.

So, a few instructions for the novice printer... 

We tried two different methods of applying the paint: the step right in method (fun but over all not as effective) and the dab and press method (this one was the winner).  Courtesy of my husband, paint was applied by dabbing with the spongy brush-- he said he really thought the dabbing was the key...

In the background you can see the paint we used.  I went with some (smelly) washable tempera paint I bought long ago. (It smelled just as bad when I bought it, if you're wondering.) 

You could use anything you have on hand though-- like those little bottles of craft paint would work great. Oh, I recommend having plenty of wipes on hand. 

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of us actually printing-- it took all the adults' hands just to stand the kid up and press the foot down without getting everything painty. (We had the paint set up on the table in order to keep the non-printing feet, hands, toys, dogs, etc. away from it.) 

Anyway, you'll wanna tell them not to move their foot or toes once they step down. We also sort of pressed the front of their foot down so the toes showed up better.

So, obviously once they dry the kids can draw the little ghost faces on.  Here are all of the finished products.  The ghosts where the paint is thicker are the ones where the kids stepped into the paint.  The others, with more well defined toes are the dabbed on paint, you can see the shape of their foot better that way.   

Aren't they cute?  Maybe it is just because I am a sucker for hand and footprints, but I really love these.  I know I am getting this post up a little late for and pre-Halloween printing.   Don't worry, I have another holiday twist in mind for these, my kids will be so happy!

Happy printing, haunting, and reading!

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