Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your destiny, your decision...

No, we are not writing some sort of self help blog here, but that doesn't change the statement above. Allow me to expound. I feel like sometimes children come to expect certain outcomes (in life and in books) and they forget that they are in control of the choices they make. You know, the 'she made me do it' mentality. Well, I for one am trying to raise independent thinkers who decide for themselves what decisions to make. In that same spirit, these two book defy the typical fairy tale odds and I like it.

The Knight and the Dragon, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola

A knight and a dragon, sworn enemies right? Hmmm, we'll see. As always, Tomie de is de-lightful! We read this tonight at bedtime and as the plot unfolded (mostly through pictures which I always find extra enjoyable-- then pre-readers can read it to each other, and make up their own words, that is so cute to listen to) my daughter said aloud, "They need to do something else." And, do something else they did! Something great! They worked it out and they worked together-- I only hope my kids can do the same with their 'sworn enemies.'

The Paper Bag Princess, written by Robert Munsch illustrated by Michael Martchenko

First, you should know my little ones haven't actually gotten to hear this one yet. My copy seems to have disappeared since high school. (That's when I really remember loving this one. You know, back in the girl power days of dances and dating and drama.) Well, if you have a little girl at your house, don't wait until she gets to high school to share this with her (but you might want to get it back out when she hits the teen years, you know and just casually lay in her room for a little Gloria Steinum style boost). Anyway, our heroine, Elizabeth appears to be all set. Prince, check. Wardrobe, check. Castle, check. Well Elizabeth, things don't always go as planned. But, as you will learn from Elizabeth, that doesn't have to get you down. You're as happy as you decide to be. Your destiny, your decision (see I told you we'd get there).

Happy reading! - Whitney


  1. Characters (AND people) who breakthrough stereotypes are the BEST kind of surprise!

  2. whoops that ^ was me -Bonnie


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