Saturday, September 3, 2011

Three cautionary tales you'll want to hear again and again

Mo Willems, the fabulous author who brought us all the wonderful Pigeon books, has also created the Knuffle Bunny trilogy. The first Knuffle Bunny introduces us to a young Trixie, before she could even speak words. This story accounts the events that occur surrounding the loss of beloved 'knuffle bunny'. Trixie is a great character, the word bubbles are hilarious and this is a story that we have read over and over and over.

 In Knuffle Bunny TooTrixie is off to Pre-K, ready and excited to show off Knuffle Bunny to all of her friends.
The story takes a turn when Trixie finds that another girl at school has a Knuffle Bunny of her own!

Knuffle Bunny Free ends the trilogy in a gripping story about growing up and moving on. My Five year old has really related to these books because he has a special 'knuffle bunnyish' toy of his own. Though all of these books have evoked a certain about of emotion in him because of this connection, this one in particular truly struck a chord. There are many picture books out there that deal with growing up and leaving a special toy or blanket in the past. In most I have read there's a great amount of parent pressure involved. Not so in this particular story, I really liked that. In conclusion, three great stories...

...enjoy!- Robyn


  1. hey, i actually just picked up a copy of this at a yard sale for really cheap-- as a side note, the little readers in that house were very lucky! They had a ton of awesome books! I haven't read the other 2 yet. I love the laundry-mat photos! Oh, and Trixie's garbly word bubbles. Good ol' Mo! He's great!

  2. Knuffle Bunny Too and Free!?! I need to read those STAT!


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