Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is one 'a peeling' activity!

I know, stop with the lame titles-- sorry, it really is lame. However, please keep reading because this book is anything but lame! Also, let me apolgize in advance for what I know will be whacked out spacing! Blogger does not play well with others sometimes!

Okay, I am always starting posts with, "This book is_____!" (Insert positive adjective in blank.) But really, this one is so so creative! You. Will. Love. It.

How Are you Peeling, by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers
This is art! Really, you haven't seen photo-illustrations this inventive before. (Or, if you have, you must comment and tell us about them so we can check them out.) The fruits and veggies really do show emotion, seriously. It's clever, thought provoking, silly, vivid-- just a great read for any age! And, you can continue the foodie fun by making these...

First, you'll need some...let's call them "features." We used apples as bases (and I threw some celery on there too because I thought it it might be cool.) You could really use anything your kids will eat. Also, I went primarily sweet here, but you could do some really cool savory stuff too. Oh! If my kids would only eat potatoes! You could make something really fun with baked potato slices and all their fixins'-- or sweet potatoes with little marshmallow faces! Anything goes, really!

A couple side notes-- interspersed with photos (1)This was too many options, I wanted to put a lot of stuff out to see what they'd do and so you'd get some ideas. But really, you just want a couple different shapes and textures. (2)I put the peanut butter and nutella as "glue" which also wasn't totally necessary, but sticky fun. We have a couple of nutella freaks in this house though, and so the sight of a big glob of chocolate-ee hazelnut-ee goodness was enough to start a feeding frenzy. Second step, start building. You will find that the pieces can be anything. I originally put the fruit strips pieces on to use for hair, but it turns out they make good mouths, legs, headbands, uni brows. And, those little celery pieces, we found they could be pretty much anything.
As you can see, we had two schools of thought. One child....I need to put as much stuff on as I can so I can eat more. (Above is a turtle, like in the book.) The other child... who needs to put all this stuff on when we can just eat it, except the peel, which I ate off for her before hand.

Look, you can even make animals, Like whatever that thing is with the celery nose-- I can mock it because I made that one, oh and also the uni brow above (I was going for Bert from Sesame Street, do you see it?)
Third: create, munch, and chat. We chatted about what kind of expressions our faces had-- that banana mouth below, is it surprised? scared? We talked about celery and peanut butter and the delicious combination they are, oh and we talked a lot about passing the nutella. Sweet and simple fun!

Happy Reading and Eating! -Whitney

PS- Saxton and Joost (yes, we're on a first name basis) have a lot of other great books sure to been seen on this very blog in the future, maybe even with more tasty activities. Really, you've got to check them out.


  1. My kids have been wanting to do this very activity for a long time... in fact when we read this book they always say 'mom can we please make guys like that?' Then when there were veggies and fruits made into creatures entered into the fair- that really made them wonder why we haven't done this yet. Okay, you've enspired me- this is now officially on the to-do list. I've never tried nuttlla (it's that not liking chocolate thing I have going on) but sounds like it might be time to introduce it to the kiddos. great post! thanks

  2. ps- that turtle is so cool! pss oldest son just came in, looked at computer and said "wow! can we do that? I could make a catfish!"

  3. A catfish! ha ha why is it so funny to me that a kids favorite animal is a catfish? maybe because it is hilarious. MORE fun food! I want to come over when you do this! Also nutella...oh wow it is my manna sent from the heavens.


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