Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Memory of...

Everyone is talking about the ten year anniversary of 9-11. I've heard over and over 'can you believe it's already been ten years?' I can't. It was a horrible, tragic day... one that we'll never forget. Tragedies -large and small- are difficult to live with. After a loss it's truly a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate the memory of what once was. 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers', by Mordicai Gerstein is just that. The telling of Philippe Petit's daring tight rope excursion between the two towers on August 7, 1974. It's a story that takes my breath away each time I read it. The Illustrations are magnificent (there's no wonder why this book received the Caldecott Medal in 2004). This book is a fantastic tribute to the World Trade Center and the spirit of adventure/daring by Philippe Petit. As I read it to my three year old son this morning I could see the range of emotions this book invoked in him. He was in awe about the tight rope walking, disbelief even. When we got to the end, and he learned that the towers weren't there anymore he wanted to know why. He'd never heard of them before reading this story and I could see the sadness build up inside of him as I told him about the day they were destroyed and the people who were killed. This book was the perfect way for me to have this moment with my son. This is a fantastic book.


  1. we need this book at my house, last week we watched a documentary about Philippe Petit (on netflix) it was amazing, kinda bored the kids, but I loved it.

  2. You will love this book! that documentary is amazing, I loved it too.

  3. I just read this to Amy, Andrew and Dillon, I think it is a perfect tribute and I'm glad we can remember the towers for something so incredible.


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