Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I like myself, my smile, my walk. I like to draw myself in chalk!

Robyn and I like to surprise each other about what we are going to post. So the week we started preschool posts, I got the plan for this book and activity, but when I got on the blog to post away I found a very similar book topic had already been posted by the lovely Robyn-- you know what they say about great minds and all. Anyway, I still want to share this one with you. It's quick and simple and the weather is just right for the activity.

I Like Myself, written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by David Catrow

You know I love rhyming books and general rhyming fun (hence the title of this post). This book is silly, simple, and a good little self-esteem builder. We pull it out whenever someone in our house needs a boost, or even just a giggle. 

And, I have to tell you about this totally un-orignal YET extremely awesome activity that we do every summer...

We make chalk us!! There is just something great about kids seeing how big they really are-- their whole little person there out in front of them. It's really fun!

They are so proud of them self there on the sidewalk looking back up at-- them self. Oh, if it's sunny, you've really gotta get the outline bold-- also, it's easier if a grown up does the outlining. 

I like to do funny poses when I get traced-- yes, I get traced too!  I'm part of the family!  We even do doggie chalk images, though they don't get traced.

Sometimes we all color our own selves and sometimes we work together on one person and then move to the next, depending on how cooperative everyone is feeling. You know.

Below Rainy is standing over herself beaming. It really is a big feeling of accomplishment-- she drew a whole life-sized person!

But, this activity isn't just for preschoolers! Lilac and her friend went all out one day and traced themselves holding the ends of two jump ropes and then laid down again inside the 'jump ropes' and retraced themselves, so it looked like they were jumping double dutch. Fun!

Seriously, if you don't have cement or asphalt, don't let that stop you!! Take a little field trip to the nearest empty parking lot. Or, if you aren't wild about that idea, there's always butcher paper--- of course then you run the risk of someone wanting to save it forever or something.

Happy chalky reading!!



  1. I LOVE the pictures! great post; simply perfect. -robyn

  2. I think this one has great spacing and the #ing is good too.


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