Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bring All Your Friends!

One of our goals on this website is to compile a great many reviews of books that have been awarded Caldecott medals or honors. Soon after deciding that we would begin the process of reviewing these books, I looked up the official list ... I was amazed by the amount of books on this list I had never read, (many of which I had never even heard of). So last week when I was at the local library I decided to pick up several of these books. I think I read about eight Caldecott Award books from various years. I enjoyed most of them, disliked a couple... but I really LOVED this one- 'May I Bring A Friend' written by Beatrice Scenk De Regniers; illustrated by Beni Montresor.
 This book was first published in 1964, winning the 1965 medal (the same year another favorite book of mine, Rain Makes Applesauce, won a calldecot honor- but more on that some other time). The illustrations alternate between mono-color pages, black and white pages and full color spreads making this a book that is very reminiscent of its time. Reading a book like this to my children takes me back in time to when I was a kid sitting on my mama's lap. The text is written in a fanciful lilting rhyme and rhythm. It tells the story of a small boy being invited to tea by the king, and how the boy always politely asks to bring a friend along. It's a sweet book of manners, unexpected guests and it ends with a fantastic twist. A great book that definitely deserved the award it received!- robyn

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  1. Leaving me hanging on a "fantastic twist" made me grab the book and read it...nice work. Not really sure that I get it. I do like the old timey books as well. They take me back to my elementary school library and the bookmobile.



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