Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Days, School Days

So, in my neck of the words school is just around the corner, but I know in some areas kid are already back. If I missed the bus on this one I'm very sorry. However, here are a few books to ease the transition to school...

The Kissing Hand by Aubrey Penn

Chester is starting school, but not without a little gift of love as a reminder from mama. This book is fantastic. I know many school teachers that read it the first days of school to make kids feel more comfortable. It also has a sweet companion book which is good for sibling struggles (but more on that later). Chester and his mom definitely made my little one, and me, more ready for her to go off to school.

Jessica and Wemberly Worried, both by Kevin HenkesThis may or may not be an appropriate time to share this, but I have loved Kevin Henkes since I was in high school-- his writing that is. High school you ask? Yes, I performed Owen in the retold story category at state speech in the semi final round-- not to toot my own horn but it was awesome! So awesome that I probably would have won the whole pinata, if the girl that preformed the book in the final round had not been watching me the round before! Copy Cat! Probably time to get over that now. Anyway, so Kevin and I, we go way back and he rocks!!

Having always been a worrier myself I can totally relate to Wemberly! If you have a nervous kiddo entering school check her out. Henkes is a literary genius and often the best parts are in the little word bubbles coming from the characters. He's great, seriously, you'll crack up, oh and you're kids will like the book too. (If you have a serious worrier, you may not want to read him/her all of Wemberly's word bubbles or it might make them have more to worry about-- but read them to yourself, they're hilarious).

Another great thing about my buddy Kevin is, I think sometimes his books are for parents. You know the neurotic, worry about everything, hand sanitizing, car seat adjusting parents (if this is you, don't be offended-- because this is totally me). Anyhoo he has a great way of writing a story that intrigues kids and eases the worries of a parent as well. Jessica is about an imaginary friend and making new friends at school. If you have a little one that marches to the beat of their own drum and you're worried about their transition to school, Jessica will help you out.

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

I know, I know. I have already sung you Splat's praises, but he really is the cat's meow (sorry, too corny?) for easing the jitters of starting school. Join Splat and his pet mouse Seymour as they timidly make their way through the first day of cat school. And seriously, these illustrations! You will not be disappointed!

Okay, good luck and happy reading! -Whitney


  1. I must say that I wish I could have been there to see you perform Owen (that book reminds me very much of my oldest -his blanket is named nu nu- it also reminds me of myself as a child... I carried around my special blanket -named bybee- for years, trouble was one day I got the idea that it might be fun to cut it up into small pieces -too small for hankies, more like postage stamps- I was devastated) anyway, I too love books by kevin Henkes. also just ordered myself a couple of splat books... this was great timing for us, school doesn't begin until Monday!

  2. In high school my name on the interwide webs was Wemberly because she was me! Its a good nickname and a good book. Remember how you bought it for me right around that time Robyn? you are a good sister...even though I think you were making fun of me more than anything else :)


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