Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's a book you'll simply want to devour!

This book was a gift given to our family. I had never heard of Oliver Jeffers before. I can tell you this... it's a wonderful book. It's witty and original, the illustrations are fantastic! This book is truly a joy to read. One that my kids ask for over and over (and I enjoy reading over and over). I haven't read any of Jeffers other books... but this morning before I started this post I went to his website ( ) he has written 8 books for children... and I want them all. He's a British writer, and his books are getting international acclaim. I can't wait to read each one!


  1. Yum-me looks kind of like chocolate, yummy brown chocolate book. Hopefully I can sink my teeth into it soon! :D

  2. I think our kids really did try to eat this book. There are actual bite marks along with the pretend ones.


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