Friday, August 26, 2011

Fair Time Nostalgia

Summer seems to be pretty much over for everyone I know. School is back in session and fall is just around the corner, but here in my part of northern Utah summer is always extended by one week because of the beloved county fair. The fair is BIG TIME around here, it's THE event... and has been my whole life. There are people out there who complain and avoid the fair, but not me. I love it! There's nothing like going out to the fair. I love the dirty carnival rides, the loud bandstand, the exhibit building, the produce building, eating a DELICIOUS fair burger (or ferger as we like to say) walking through the sheep barn, rabbit/chicken building and of course you can't go without a stop to see the pigs. Which of course leads me to the book I pulled off the shelf to start reading out loud to my kids last week.

 I know everyone knows about Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. It's a wonderful story about a little girl, the pig she loves and the amazing spider who saves that pig. A great story of friendship, loyalty and loss. I remember my mama reading this book to me and here I am reading it to my children, right in time to enjoy our own county fair. It makes me happy to see the way life repeats itself. And I like that there are things that I can count on, like the county fair coming around every year at the end of August and the fact that Charlotte is always able to save Wilbur in the end. -Robyn

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  1. This is a perfect little post, just thinking about Charlotte's web makes me think of mom reading it and getting tears in her eyes and then I start to get tears in my own eyes. Wonderful book.


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