Thursday, May 21, 2015

ABC School's for Me!

This little beauty was sitting on my doorstep a couple days ago!  ABC School's for Me! will be released in June (2015) by Scholastic, written by Susan B. Katz pictures by the fabulous Lynn Munsinger.  ABC perfection if you ask me.  The whole book rhymes  (a favorite picture book quality of both Whitney and I).
AND it captures what early childhood education really should be.  Filled with love, play, ABC's and creativity.  I think this one would be the perfect christmas gift for all my little preschoolers next year!  (Yes!  You heard right, I'm opening up a preschool!!!)

                           Happy Learning (until summer vacation at least, lol)…

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On Market Street...

Oh my cool bookstore makes me so happy, last week especially! Not only did I find the a few of the greatest books ever, but I had used paperback credit!! It was pretty much a miracle; book money just sitting there waiting for me to spend it! Among other delightful things, I picked up a copy of On Market Street written by Arnold Lobel and illustrated by Anita Lobel.

Have you seen this book? (You probably have, it's from 1981, but in case you haven't…) It starts with rhyming and then goes into the most awesome and intricate alphabet illustrations imaginable! I'm telling you, Anita really outdid herself!  The art is fantastic!

The merchants down on Market Street
Were opening their doors.
I stepped along that Market Street,
I stopped at all the stores.
Such wonders there on Market Street!
So much to catch my eye!
I strolled the length of Market Street
To see what I might buy.

And I bought…

The people made totally out of each letter item! So wonderful!!  I could stare at these illustrations for hours! And the D page is terrific-- oh, and the I page!! Seriously,  good stuff!

Happy reading and happy alphabetizing!
PS- If you're looking for more alphabet books, check out our big list!  It has another one of my great finds from last week A, My Name Is Alice and a lot of our other favorites. I better add this beauty to the list! (Oh, and don't look too closely at the ending of that post-- because apparently I only know one way to end an alphabet book post.)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Mother's Day Mice

I have a Mother's Day book to share!

Is this a book you already know?  The Mother's Day Mice written by Eve Bunting Illustrated by Jan Brett, published back in 1986.  I picked it up second hand earlier this year as a 'new to me' book.  It's absolutely charming (just as you would expect from Bunting and Brett).  A sweet and adorable book about three little mice out on an early morning adventure in search of the perfect gifts to give their mama mouse.

As always Brett's illustrations are full of detail and beauty.  (I love all of the acorns in this book!)

This is the perfect little Mother's Day book, truly delightful.

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hunters of the Great Forest

Hmmm, well, I have another wordless book for you. I seem to have quite a few of these lately…where do you stand on wordless books?  I happen to be a fan.


Some people are not however, like this lady I happened to overhear in the bookstore telling her grandson not to pick out a book with no words because those were for babies.


Yup, I almost barged right in on that discussion…somehow I held my tongue-- MIRACULOUSLY!  But, just to clarity here, in the safety of my own piece of internet: wordless books are not just for babies!

Take a look at this one! It's Hunters of the Great Forest by Dennis Nolan and it came out in Ocotober 2014-- right around the same time as The Farmer and the Clown. (And maybe, just maybe, good wordless books are released in 3's because I got another one I might have to tell you about sometime.) ANYWAY:

These adorable little gnome-ish people are off on a quest-- oh! it's a hunt! A huge hunt!  In the great forest!! But wait, before we set off on the hunt, just look at all the personalities that are captured in these little people.

I happen to be quite fond of the guy in the middle of the frame with the 3 piece mohawk-- is that what you'd call it-- and the fuzzy slippers! Oh, and the old granny with the spear! She's pretty much fantastic!! So, the hunt…

Look at the peril! Talk about your narrow escapes.

And the capture! Now if they can just get it back-- 4 of them to carry one marshmallow. (So great!)

My favorite part? The celebration!! All of the little folks taking a scoop out of the marshmallow!! Just adorable, don't you think??

Happy hunting!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Speaking of Birthdays and Perfect Gifts and Staying on top of it all… Dear Whitney,

I loved your last post Whit!  The one about you finding the perfect birthday book gift and ending up with a book (one I want now) starring an adorable girl and a Unicorn.  So, I have to reply about your desire to get birthday gifts just right.  I think you are a little nuts.  In a really super, wonderful, that's why I like you so much kind of way.

And I also think your kids get invited to TOO many birthday parties.  It seems like you are having to find the perfect book gift every other week.  Which is a great excuse to make a stop at your cool used book store, but honestly- what's the deal with all the birthday parties???

I don't remember the last non family birthday party that my kids were invited to.  I'm not complaining.  And its not that I don't like birthday parties- I do!  I love them.  But I'm not good at planning ahead, or making special trips to the store to find the perfect book for each kid.  In fact, I'm not good at getting to walmart before the party to just get whatever for the kid.  On the rare occasion I do have to find a birthday gift I'm always scrambling last minute to find something… anything.  It's pathetic.

Now, I know you're feeling regret about not getting the perfect book for the latest party of a little fisherman (we were just texting about this yesterday).  BUT since you're sure to be shopping for another little boy who loves fishing again (because face it, your kids go to birthday parries all the time) here's that perfect book you were wishing you could find:

Good Day's Fishing by James Prosek.
In it a young boy sorts through his tackle box.  It's really wonderful!  And take it from a mom with a fishing obsessed kid, this book hits home!  It's just like real life and the watercolor illustrations are fantastic.  These photos really don't do them justice.

So- now you know for next time!

Happy Birthday Shopping,