Thursday, July 2, 2015

All the World

This book, All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee.  Surely you've all read it and swooned over it.  BUT, a gorgeous masterpiece should continue to be gushed over forever.  Especially one illustrated by Marla Frazee.

Yesterday a friend of mine read this book to a room full of children at our local story hour.  Afterwords the two of us had a moment.  We bonded over this beautiful book.  In unison we implored our wish (to all things good and wonderful in the world) that somehow amidst all of the hardships and realities of life… maybe (hopefully) one day in the far future our children will look back on their childhoods and their memories will seem kind of like the story that unfolds in this book.

We both know our lives ARE NOT remotely the same as this beautiful book.  BUT, bits and pieces are kind of like it, and maybe, just maybe that's what our children will remember most.  A mother can dream.

                                         Happy Dreaming,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Visit to Fairyland...

I have been meaning to post about fairyland for sooooo long! And I just remembered that today is International Fairy Day!  So, do you want to see a totally magical fairy neighborhood?? OF COURSE YOU DO!!

My friend has a gorgeous wooded area nearby her house and she is some sort of magician with creating childhood delight!! You see, she's decorated the woods and made it a haven for fairies and you'll never guess what happened! Fairies moved in!! Now tons of fairies live in her wood.  They come out for the children to see them, but they hold very very still…they don't want the adults to see them moving!
When you enter fairyland, you sprinkle fairy dust at the entrance to tell the fairies thank you for allowing the visit.
It seems the fairies love visitors because they leave notes and gifts for the kids to find. They also make the most delicious flower juice and tiny fairy cakes. It's seriously fantastic!

Along with the fairies though, trolls also moved into the woods!  They can be tricky little fellows, but they'll leave you alone as long as you drop some treasure along the path.
Our recent trip to fairyland for our little friend's birthday was the first time Cuteness has been-- at least the first time she's been old enough to remember and actually enjoy it.  She was in Heaven!! She's already planning a fairy party for her birthday next year…oh dear!

Happy fairy frolicking!

- Whitney 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't read and drive…Dear Robyn,

Ha! Hopefully you didn't read that title and think I was going to have some sort of safety tips for you, 'cuz I don't.  You asked if there's a book in our house that must be heard everyday. Well, there kind of is! BUT, I don't read it to the kiddos and it's not in the house.  I will tell you this however, something has been making our car rides a complete delight lately! (Like how I'm all cryptic and all you have to do is look down?)

Hello picture books with CD's!! They are a kid in a carseat's best friend- who knew? I mean, yes, I have known the merit of books with an accompanying tape or CD but we've never used them in the car as we drove around town before- have you?? It's the best! Seriously!  Cuteness loves it and it makes driving time soooo much nicer (and quieter!)
We checked out a few from the library and just loaded them all in the CD changer thingy.  We keep the books in the back of the seat pocket and when we leave the house she just picks a book and away we go! I can actually use my brain to think about what errands we're supposed to be running in the first place, it's fantastic!

Our library has a pretty good selection and they're all on one shelf, so that makes browsing easy.  I think you could download audio versions from Audible, but I like the library option so we can have more variety without having to purchase. (Yes, that's the same reason I like plain old books from the library!)  If you haven't tried these in the car, you must! And tell me how it goes!!

Happy listening and drive safely! 


Friday, June 5, 2015

Dear Whitney,

Yesterday you asked what we've been reading lately.  This is what we've been reading everyday for the past five months at least.  Maybe longer- I think it has been longer actually.
Miss Kit can NOT go to sleep without hearing A sleepy story (A First little Golden book).  She adores it.  (And the boys are sick sick sick of it… but for the record I don't make them listen, I just read it to Kit in her bedroom and they happen to sleep next-door so they over hear it every night.)

This sweet little little golden book was published back in '82.  It's not one from my childhood (though that would be super cute if it was) I just picked it up thrifting cause it's a little golden and I'm obsessed with them (as is shown here).  You can see that it's a repetitive circle story and it's endearing and sweet.  And our is starting to fall apart, so I'm gonna have to order a second second hand copy for Miss Kit one of these days (since it's no longer in print and since she sleeps with it under her pillow every night).

Did I mention I adore 5 year olds?

Do any of your little chicks have a book they must hear every single day?  Either way…

                                  Happy Bedtime Story Reading,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Far Out Fairy Tales: Ninja-rella!

So, have you noticed that at my (Whit's) house we have a little bit of a Cinderella problem?? We do!  We read ALOT of Cinderella-- every version we can get our hands on.  In fact, awhile back I put as many new (to us) versions on hold as I could. GUESS WHAT?? We found a graphic novel version that we happen to LOVE! Ninja-rella...
Of course you all know I'm a sucker for parodies, but this is really a great tale! And Cuteness is all about karate right now, so add ninjas to Cinderella and you have a blue ribbon winner in her world!
I love the family portraits showing how things change in Ninja-rella's world!  I just think that's such a unique way to show the progression of the story!
You may be wondering if Ninja-rella wears glass slippers? NO! She has a fantastic sparkling sword instead! And she doesn't want to marry the prince, she wants to train with him-- but in the end, she ends up protecting him, as his bodyguard! Talk about girl power!!

After reading this book we decided to look more into the Far Out Fairy Tales series.  There are three more books which our library happened to have.  Here's a quick run down…

Red Riding Hood, Superhero stars Ruby, your average granddaughter of the president of the United States. Oh plus she has a secret identity-- she's a superhero! And she's protecting the world and President Grandma from evil--this time it's the diabolical Professor Grimm who was bitten by a radio-active wolf! This one is fun and the parallels to the original are quite clever!

In Super Billy Goats Gruff the goats eat some magic plants and morph into a video game…where they are looking for food, because even with video game powers, they're still hungry!  This was one has a lot of silly fun. You follow each brother on a different level of the game and they eventually meet up to trip trap across the lava bridge…will they get across?? (If you've read the original, then you probably know the answer to that.)

Snow White and the Seven Robots is the last version we read. It's set in space and has kind of a Stars Wars feel...maybe?? This was a little deep for us, but I suspect that it would make a space and robot loving kiddo very happy. That sounds right up Robyn's alley…maybe she'll have to check this one out and report back.

I don't know if there are plans for more books to be made in this series, but I certainly hope so! We'd read them for sure!  Would you, or are you more of a fairy tale purest?

Happy reading everyone!